My interests usually involve any topic in the Sciences, Engineering, and Technology of which this blog is meant to explore. I would like to someday figure out how all these interests can merge into something of what may be called a career. Some topics my mind goes to includes but is not limited to are below (in no particular order):

  • Computers and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Programming and design concepts
  • Cyber-security and Privacy
  • Mathematics & Language
  • How Science & Technology influence society, culture and our economy
  • Future energy sources like solar, nuclear, geothermal, and fusion technology
  • Exploring the edges of space and deep underwater
  • History of … the human species, the Earth, the Universe
  • Sustainability and the future of food, cities, transportation, work, etc
  • Psychology & Physiology
  • Leadership, Politics and business



My philosophy will inevitably change as my thoughts constantly evolve, but currently it can be best described as below…

I consider myself a generalist but also believe in mastering a specific domain(s) of knowledge. I would like to essentially know a lot about a lot. The world is moving at such a rapid pace that I don’t believe any one person can keep up; but I think it would be foolish to stop pushing the limits of human knowledge. In this age of information, it could be argued we have more knowledge at our finger tips than at any other point in history, and  I want to take advantage of that fact and educate myself in all the different areas to be as intellectually fulfilled as possible.

It is our curiosity to inquire and be inquisitive about the world around us that makes us unique. Our brains and our health are our most valuable assets. However the proliferation and advancement of technology tends to lessen the physical & intellectual demand our daily lives. Technology still however continues to fuel our economy and society forward. I wish to contribute towards this movement in any way I can with whatever skills I may acquire along the way.

Favorite Quote

“He who said he can and He who said He cannot are both usually right.” – Confucius


2020 MS Computer Science (Expected)

2016 Software Engineering Cert.

2009 MS Nutrition

2009 BS Exercise Science